Hi, I'm Bettina. 你好我是周于阡.


Throughout the last 4 years at Carnegie Mellon's School of Design, I've had a chance to work with various applications of design. Whether it's UX/UI, visual communication, or personal experiments, I aim for my work to make people smile.

User centered research and creative play are integral parts of my process. What I lack in vertical dimensions I make up with my curiosity and enthusiasm (but please take it easy on the short jokes). I believe inspiration can come from everything we experience as humans, so I'm constantly trying new things. Right now, I am:


最近4年卡內基梅隆大學給我許多機會學習各種各樣的設計方面。不管是UX/UI, 傳媒設計或課外作品,我都希望作品能給觀眾帶來歡樂。

因爲我認為任何經驗都能發出靈感,所以總是在吸收新東西。現在我正在:念村上春樹寫的 “Absolutely On Music", 看"The Office"短片, 聽"Awkwafina"的音樂和加強中文程度。