Two projects experimenting with paper, code, and motion to create letters and words.

Paper Craft, Stop Motion, p5.js, Web  |  Digital component in collaboration with Hae Wan Park  |  First project: semester long study, second project: 3 weeks


For a semester, I studied paper as a medium to create type. Those studies culminated in a stop motion video using visual metaphors to describe my  process.

(The Gifs might take a few seconds to load but I promise they're worth it; otherwise, you can just watch the above video for all of them!)


Then, I translated my form findings, with a partner, into a computational typewriter using p5.js.

My partner and I each designed our own typeface built from similar visual concepts. My concept follows a rhythm of shapes adding or subtracting from each other to suggest the letter. 


The letters are programmed to respond to resizing and paragraph adjustments; the color palette and proportion of either font present are adjustable.

Background and Process

Through a previous studio project, I had rekindled my adoration for paper craft. It inspired the analogue exploration that I dub "Work in Progress". The techniques I played with culminated in a stop motion video, where I spelled out the stages of my exploration process with visual metaphors. The following semester, Hae Wan and I came together based on mutual interest in creating a computational typewriter, which we named "P.Juicy". We each designed our own typeface using geometric shapes, with mine informed by my paper craft work.


To find the rest of my paper explorations, please visit my blog post.

 Holiday cards for friends made with our typewriter

Holiday cards for friends made with our typewriter