Autumn Harvest is a set of fruit packaging evoking the sensations of consuming fruit, focusing on expressive renderings of a fruit's inside and outside.

Illustration, packaging design, photography  |   Partners: Steven Ji and Emily Mongilio  |  3 weeks




To represent such a ubiquitous image uniquely, I used gestural strokes and a combination of analogue and traditional mediums to move beyond common graphic translations.


I looked at how overlays of color, texture, and gestures can simultaneously represent the inside and outside of fruits. Many of my iterations were inspired by studies done by Josef Albers, where he played with the illusion of transparency.


The final two patterns work as opposing sides of the wrapping to represent the outside and inside of the apple. The final packaging for all the fruits was inspired by Cézanne's brush strokes. The individual fruit packaging was printed on canvas for simple wrapping and the bag on matte paper. All pieces present only the abstract exterior patterns at first so the audience can be surprised by what they find inside, and to avoid resembling fast food packaging.