Assemblage is the brand identity for the CMU Design Class of 2018 Senior Exhibition, representing the tension between the analytical and expressive parts of us in our process.

Branding, Exhibition Design, Print  |  Team: 12 other classmates  |  1.5 months


Background and Concept

Every Fall, the undergraduate senior class is given three floors of the Miller Gallery to showcase work from our last three years. 11 classmates and I branded this event. We used different axis to place steps of our process in a composition reminiscent of an exploded diagram, which denotes the foundation of our formal education. We intersected in photos of our diverse work, and then wove in drawn arrows, showing the underlying scrappy-ness that is an inevitable by-product of our process.


Exhibit statement

Gallery banner, in collaboration with the branding team

Second Floor

Third floor

 Motion piece displayed in gallery

Motion piece displayed in gallery



01 – Defining Visual Implications

We began our collaboration with a series of rapid pitches.

Throughout our process, the branding team expanded the initial visual implications of peeking through and scale to: use of a diagram, playing with x, y, and z planes, and presence of student work. We worked in smaller groups to visualize the concept, using invision freehand to share mood boards to align on visions.


02 – Building Brand Guidelines

We consolidated overlaps of each sub-team's pitches in creating brand guidelines, aiming to balance playful and professional tones.

The  branding team decided to build the brand guidelines through the banner, since it is the most front-facing component. Below are my wordmark, color, and composition studies with another teammate. Our approach in creating a sense of space in the 3 planes aimed to show the patterns and divergences in the way we approach our work.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 5.36.54 PM.png

We consolidated our approach with other pairs and played some "relay design" over several days to refine the final banner, and brand colors. The schematic composition was shifted to resemble an exploding box to better represent an assemblage and deconstruction. We were most challenged by the quandary of maintaining energetic, yet professional colors that didn't bring unintended interpretations. We agreed it was important not to overwhelm the viewer and ultimately used two of the three brand colors for the final banner.

For individual deliverables, I focused on the pamphlet and helped with the map. I used a center aligned, single column grid for the pamphlet because of the sparse content and small page size. The gradient as a graphic element balances out the text heavy pages and ties in the brand. I contributed color and composition iterations on the map to ensure consistency with the pamphlet.

03 – Collaboration Process & Outcome

Throughout the process, we gave feedback and updated each other by using group messaging platforms. Following a week of set up, the show opened to a full house!

The whole class came together the final week to print, build, and install the exhibition. Visitors expressed their amazement, but no group was as amazed as we were with each other. After all, with 48 people, this was likely the largest group project any of us had worked on!